Engels bericht feestgroet video


Martijn here from ThisLine.nl, I send you this message with a question and I will try to keep it short for you! This is a standard message, of course, your answer will be replied to by me personally.

For the upcoming holiday celebrations and the new year we want to make a christmas and new year message for and by everyone who defends the thin line.

It’s simple to join!

  1. Make a short video message with your wish for christmas and the new year 2020
  2. Upload the video easily via our special webpage: https://thisline.nl/en/feestgroet/
  3. We will tag you when the video is live!

Do you know someone who might want to join? Please forward this message to them. We will do our best to create an awesome video. We really hope you will join us on this project.

Thank you! Happy holidays, merry christmas and a happy new year!